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Mylo Kaye - Business strategy consultant based in Manchester, U.K. Shares his experience of successes and failures to help people and start-ups grow.

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Mylo Kaye is an experienced business professional, mentor and volunteer, based in Manchester, U.K. Mylo has spent the past decade building teams in start-ups and companies in Manchester where those companies have won numerous awards for their work and their people development. Mylo is passionate about creating environments where all genders, ethnicities, sexualities and views are welcome. Past experiences include managing teams of up to 25 people, sitting on advisory boards, charity boards, advising local leaders and judging industry awards. In the past five years, Mylo has coached and developed others in and around: work, home-life, relationships, entrepreneurship and more. A keen volunteer he dedicated weekly time to DePaul, a young person's charity, where he mentors and coaches young people to a brighter future. A trainee counsellor, Mylo is working towards a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accreditation. In his spare time, Mylo is a licenced aerial photographer and shares videos and content over on: Mylo Kaye Aerial Photography Personal Website Mylo Kaye on tawli

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